Pamper your pantry


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When I say pantry, I mean your shelves, cupboards, nooks and cranny’s.  One day I will have a kitchen the size of my flat, and I will have a pantry big enough to fill with foods from across the globe, but, for now, my pantry is basically, my kitchen.

Every new year, brings a ‘new you’. Even if you fail miserably and end up in a McDonalds by the end of January with a big mac and an extra large portion of chips – if you begin with good intentions you’ve only got yourself to let down; and you can always pick yourself up again.

Use the first week of January to pamper your pantry with good, nutritious foods, but foods that you will definitely eat regularly. There’s no point in buying mountains of Goji berries because you’ve heard they are the next best ‘super-food’ if you’re never going to eat them. Think about your likes, dislikes and habits that need to be forgotten and set yourself some achievable goals.

For the first 4 weeks at least, I’ve decided to go pesceterian and completely cut out alcohol. I have no idea how well I’ll do, but what’s the harm in trying. I love meat, and could never cut this from my diet, but considering I have probably eaten the entire contents of a farm this Christmas, a little body cleanse can only do me good.

The key is to be genuinely interested in getting healthy – otherwise there’s no point. Treat yourself to cook books, learn new recipes, educate yourself of other cuisines and always allow yourself a treat. It’s not rocket science, we all know how to be slim and healthy – eat well and exercise. The hardest part is motivating yourself to do so; so fill your kitchen with more good than bad, and you’ll help yourself reach your 2014 goals.

A great nutrition blog to read is which includes some great facts and recipes.

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