Beet It…


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This week’s #foodiefact is all about the humble beetroot. I’ve always known beetroot is packed with goodness, but to what extend, I wasn’t sure. Last week I watched the new series of Food Unwrapped on Channel 4, and they looked into the energy power that beetroot holds. Lately I’ve been getting back into my running, and would like to tackle a half marathon before summer arrives. I’ve never been one for energy drinks such as Lucozade etc., but there have been times when I feel lethargic and quite frankly, couldn’t be arsed to run – my mind wants to but my body won’t obey.

Food Unwrapped looked into the power of beetroot, and how drinking a shot of beetroot 2 hours before exercising can help boost energy and help you go further and longer. I love beetroot, so I began adding it to my salads, and also made some, lets say, interesting, smoothies before running home after work. And to my surprise I felt more energetic – I ran 5k without stopping once, which of late has been unheard of. I felt almost high and full of beans, so I’ll be looking into more recipe’s I can do with this super-veg.

Belonging to the same family as the green king, spinach, beetroot also contains other high nutrition values. Let the beet help you:

1. Beet Illness: Beetroots contains vitamin A, which is vital in the maintenance and strength of your immune system, and good vision.

2. Beet Dry Skin: Vitamin C is another vitamin found in beetroot, and is vital in overall health. As we all know, it’s the best prevention of the common cold, however it’s also amazing for skin

3. Beet Weight Gain: Fibre is found in lots of fruit and veg, beetroot is no exception. Keeping fibre in your diet is a great way to bust fat, and lose that Christmas tummy




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