Amazing Avocado…

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Anyone in my office at work will tell you my borderline worrying obsession with avocado. In the last year I have probably consumed the entire Mediterranean’s supply of these large berry fruits. These day’s I don’t even bother to peel or chop, it’s simply slice in half, de-stone, sprinkle with salt and pepper and dig in.

Fortunately for me, this addiction is one of health. Yes, they are high in fat, but these are good fats, not saturated and are vital for a healthy digestive system. These fruits are extremely high in fibre which can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and some cancers, and can also improve digestive health.

It’s pretty clear these green bundles of joy are packed with goodness, including the vitamin breakdown below:

1. B: Avocado’s are jam packed with vitamin B which is essential in the production of blood cells and bone marrow, whilst ensuring a healthy metabolism which essentially helps you break down food.

2. K: They are rich in vitamin K, which we don’t often hear about in all the health magazines. Vitamin K is vital to ensuring your blood is healthy, bones are  strong and makes sure your body uses proteins in the correct manner.

3. C: We all know that vitamin C is vital to help your body fight illness; It’s essential for humans as it ensures we attack unwanted visitors to our body, and provides us with comfort and content through day to day life. Avocado is packed with vitamin C so during those Autumn months include these into your evening salad to ensure your fighting fit for the winter ahead.

4. P: Potassium is also found in these fruits and is another health benefit commonly associated with energy and brain function. However today I learnt the potassium plays a vital role in three out of the five taste sensations, which in my books is a must.

So next time you pick up an avocado, dis-miss those haters telling you they are fatty and not good for you, grab a knife, chop those bad boys in half and enjoy!


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