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Duck Egg Omelette with Paprika Bites

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After a busy few weeks travelling with work (which sounds so much more glamorous than it is can I point out), I am feeling a little drained and washed out. Long ago are those memories of January where my college and I started smoothie club, trained for our running challenges and kick started our sugar free diet. I need to get back into my health routine, and I need to do it now!

So, without excuse, I am prepping for a 5K run today, and I cannot run without some energy and fuel. Trying to lower the amount of meat I consume, I grabbed some eggs for protein, popped some meat-free paprika sausages in the oven for taste and tore some pea shoot leaves for raw. Omelette is one of my favourite breakfasts and will keep me full throughout my morning run.

Ingredients: 2 Duck Eggs (chicken eggs are absolutely fine too) // one meat-free paprika sausage (any flavour you want can work, and if you fancy a meat sausage go for it – works particularly well with Chorizo) // large handful of pea shoot leaves // small bunch of Basil roughly chopped // pinch chilli flakes // salt and pepper // hot sauce

Method: Before you do anything check the cooking instructions for your sausage (always sounds so wrong!). I used Quorn Meat-Free Chorizo Sausages which literally take 14 minutes in the oven. If you’re using chorizo sausage, I’d thinly slice it and fry it for 5 mins to let is soften and activate all the flavours. In a bowl whisk your eggs with a fork, add a pinch of salt and pepper for taste and then tear in your pea sheet leaves.

While you are waiting for your sausage to cook, pop the kettle on and make a brew. Once your sausage is cooked, take out the oven and thinly slice with a sharp knife. add into your egg mixture and combine. In a small shallow frying pan heat your oil – I used coconut oil but any oil you have is fine. turn the heat to medium-high and wait for the oil to loosen and thin. Swirl the oil around the pan so it’s all covered, then in goes your egg mixture.

Now swirl the egg mixture in the pan so it cover the bottom surface. Let the mixture cook for a few minutes. With a spatula  gentle check and lift the edge to check it’s not sticking. If you end up with a lot of moist mixture in the middle, nudge and tuck in the edges whilst swirling the mixture until it’s cooking evenly. Cook for a few more minutes and shake the pan gentle. The omelette should move which means its cooked and not sticking. Sprinkle your basil on the omelette, flip the omelette in half and cook for 2 mins longer.  Slide onto your plate, drizzle hot sauce all over (amount down to you) and eat!

Where to buy? I like to buy duck eggs for the weekend, and you can get them for £2.30 in ASDA which is only 50p more than large chicken eggs. I’d recommend Lidl for meat chorizo sausage, and I would opt for Cajun Hot Sauce.

Beans & Spicy Shrooms on Toast

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beans on toast

Sunday’s often call for a heart breakfast, and sometimes you can’t beat an all-time classic. Believe it or not, back in  1886, baked beans were first sold in the UK in the upmarket Fortnum & Mason store in London as an expensive foreign delicacy – Now we eat them for breakfast, brunch, dinner and lunch.

These little beans covered in sauce aren’t too bad for you either. High in fibre, rich in Iron and Vitamin B, a portion of beans will set you up for the day and will fuel your body for a long winter’s walk, a session at the gym, or a day watching Come Dine With Me, back to back – the latter of course is my plan for the day.

So if like me, you’re in for a lazy day, then get your ingredients together, flick through Channel 4’s schedule and enjoy your spicy brunch. I’ve made this vegan friendly so if you don’t want to use vegan ingredients you don’t have to

Ingredients: (Serves 2 people)1 Can of Baked Beans (any brand of your choice) // Slices of bread (any bread you like, any amount) // 1 tsp coconut oil // 1 tsp Vegan Margarine // 1/2 tsp Paprika // small bunch of fresh oregano // 10-15 chestnut baby mushrooms // 1/2 tsp hot sauce // ground black pepper / pinch of salt

Method: Chop your baby mushrooms in half and heat your coconut oil in a pan. Let the oil melt and turn the heat to medium. Pop the mushrooms in, sprinkle a tiny pinch of salt and let them soften for about 5 minutes. Pour in your can of baked beans and turn the heat up. Keep stirring to make sure the ingredients are well combined, and once the sauce starts to boil turn to simmer.

Pop your bread in the toaster and set your plates out ready. Add the paprika and hot sauce to your beans, and stir well. Take two-thirds of your oregano and pick the leaves off into your pan.. Keep stirring and you’ll see the mixture will turn silky and smooth. Taste – add some salt if you feel it needs it, then turn the heat off.

Butter or marge your toast, then pour on the bean mixture. I then grind a generous amount of black pepper, sprinkle on the remaining oregano leaves and you are done! It’s easy, simple and delicious.

Where to buy? This recipe can be bought pretty much anywhere. The only bits you may struggle with is the fresh oregano – dried will also work and if you hate that herb, experiment with one of your choice! Basil and Thyme work well too.

The King of all Sandwiches: The Matador

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There seems to be a recurring theme with this blog; hangover cures. In fact, that might be the road I take when writing my first book, as it seems I am somewhat an expert.

Most Friday’s the alarms strikes 7.20am and my head pounds to the beat of my irritating alarm; Shall I call in sick? Could I work from home? Questions I have been asking myself every week day since the age of 5. Yet, I pick myself up, often still drunk, stumble in the shower and make my way into work. And the one thing that keeps me going, is the thoughts of a beast of a sandwich at the end of the tube journey.

If anyone has worked down Dean Street in Soho, and I can probably say that relates to most, then they most likely have stumbled across Make Mine Cafe. Stashed away on the corner of Saint Annes Court, Make Mine is often heaving, with queues pouring out the doorway, spilling into a pile of underived workmen, begging for food on the street. However, in the mornings, it’s just about bearable for a swaying head, and I unwillingly evolve into a Soho ‘prick’ and keep my sunglasses on as I enter indoors – not through vanity, or because they are the latest Ray Bans…but because my face is likely to be extremely unappreciated to the human eye, and I’m likely to go cross-eyed as I focus on the menu. Obviously, these days I don’t even need to check the menu out, as I have found the mother of all sandwiches; The Matador. It’s got cheese, it’s got meat. It even has a vegetable, which kind of makes it feel a little less naughty, especially when it’s your fourth one in a month.

So, it only seemed fair, that when I awoke Sunday morning and stared blankly at the contents of my fridge in nothing but my pants and a face full of mascara, it was time to make my version of this beast.

All you need is: 2 slices of granary bread (more if you’re feeling greedy) // 2 large free range eggs // dash if milk // half large tomato // mature cheddar cheese // few slices of chorizo (or any cured meats that take your fancy) // salt & pepper // hot sauce

It’s pretty simple. Start by making your scrambled egg. Now, when a hangover is involved, use the microwave. It takes less brain power and is a little easier to control. Crack two eggs into a measuring jug/bowl and season. Add a dash of milk and whisk with a fork. Pop into the microwave for 30 seconds. Take out and stir. Keep doing this until the mixture looks like it’s almost there. Then leave to the side. What you’ll find is, the eggs will keep cooking in their own heat for a few minutes after, so if you catch them just before they look perfect and leave to sit, they will be bang on when you are ready to eat.

Meanwhile heat a small frying pan and fry your chorizo. You need zero fat, as the heat will bring all the fat juices out, but the heating process will strengthen the flavour and add a great texture to the sandwich. This should only take a few minutes.

Now you have your eggs keeping warm and your sweet meats ready to go. Thinly slice some cheese and place on one bread slice. Pop under the grill until it starts to melt. Pop the chorizo on top and place back under the grill. Taste your egg and season again if it needs it, and bring your cheesy bread slice out of the grill and onto a plate. Pour the egg on top. Finish with 2-3 slices of tomato and close the sandwich with the other slice. For a quick extra toast place the full sandwich under the grill, few minutes each side to get the bread warm and crispy, then serve. Cut diagonally and shove it in your gob!


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Now many people who have met my lovely, long legged boyfriend, will hopefully have been fortunate enough to try his amazing egg-in-a-bed breakfast. It is by far, one of the best treats to have after a boozy night out, and works tremendously with a cup of tea. However, he makes it look effortless, as my attempt at his signature dish failed miserably…but I’m determined to keep trying!

The concept and method is simple. But often my drink damaged simple brain can’t always function in the morning so I’ll leave you hungry kids to give it a go yourself.

All you need: bread // butter // eggs // salt and pepper // bacon (optional)

Take two generous sized sliced of bread – this isn’t a dish for the carb conscious type, so stay well away if you’re counting the calories. Butter both sides of the bread – don’t go too crazy, this is going to prevent the bread from sticking to the pan. Cut out a little square from the middle of your bread to create a cute little bed for your egg. In a hot pan, place your bread and cook for a few mins, moving it so it doesn’t burn. Now this is where I fail miserably; crack your egg and aim to get the yolk in the cut out bed you’ve created. If some of the white remains on the bread, that doesn’t matter – in fact it make it pretty damn amazing. Now cook until you can see the egg is starting to turn white and yellow. Sprinkle a tiny bit of salt, and ground a generous helping of pepper before flipping over to cook the other side. Repeat until you’re happy (the longer you fry, the harder to yolk – simple)

Now if you want to be really bad-ass then before you make the bread, you could grill some bacon and make a sandwich; but I promise you, the egg-in-a-bed on it’s own is a winner.

Finished off with any condiment you like – I won’t tell you ours, as it’s our best kept secret. If you’re a man and reading this – try this out on your lady friend. It worked for me….

Where to buy?

Eggs tend to remain a smiliar price in all shops so even your corner shop should sell some decent free-range eggs for under £2. Grab any bread (it works with frozen, fresh, slightly stake). Best bacon around, for value and taste Aldi British Bacon 1.99p

Follow me, and tweet me how you like yours? Alternative post your photos of your egg-in-a-bed to my Facebook!

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Chai tea late…


Fancy a brew?

If you don’t want a good ok’ PG Tips then try something different; Chia Tea Late:

It’s pretty simple – but you need ingredients that you probably don’t have lying around. Grab your self some Chia Tea – a little bag will do as you don’t need a lot each time. Pop to Holland & Barrett and pick up some Chia Seeds, ground cinnamon and Argave Syrup. (Although honey will do)

Take a desert spoon if loose tea and place into a small sauce pan. Pour on a cup of boiling water leave to simmer on a gentle heat. Add some cinnamon, half a teaspoon of Chai seeds and bring to a brisk boil.

In a jug heat up 2 cups of milk until hot. Add 1 tbsp of honey and stir in. Go back to the job and take your tea mixture off the heat, stirring well. Place a sieve on top of your jug and sieve in the tea mixture. Press down on the loose tea to make sure you get all the flavour out. Whisk together to ensure the flavours combine and the mixture becomes light. Pour into cups and sprinkle with cinnamon!

You can alternatively use coconut milk for a warming twist! This will work great for vegans too. Enjoy!

Where to buy?

Whittard Chai Tea £4.75

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