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It was the dreaded countdown to Glastonbury weekend 2014, and my boyfriend, myself and two best friends had catastrophically missed out on getting tickets – even during the re-sale. All our other pals were slipping on their wellies and sipping on their cans of fosters, while we were sat in our offices at work, wishing we were anywhere but London. So, we decided we’d hop in the car and jet off to Suffolk for the weekend to eat, drink and be merry. If we can’t go to Glasto, we will go somewhere..

Predictably it took us nearly two hours to get out of London, so by the time we’d hit the motorway we were starting to get hungry. With only a Little Chef and in-bred petrol station to offer, we held out until we reached the sunny town of Southwold before we debated what to have for dinner, and the overall decision was: Fish. It was all we wanted. And I will always think ‘fish’ when I’m by the seaside.

After a sunny walk along the beach front, we stumbled into our favourite Suffolk pub, The Bell In, and snatched the menu from the bar. Smoked Mackerel Pate, Chilli Broth Mussels and Fish Stew. What do you do when you want it all? We order it all.

A platter of fish arrived shortly after we’d consumed a glass or five of red wine, and the chatter fell silent as we shovelled in this delicious array of dishes. Pub food doesn’t have to be Burgers and Chips, Thursday Curry Night or Nacho’s with one slab of rubbery cheese. This food was proper home cooked grub, and was as fresh as a daisy.

Throughout the weekend we ate like Kings and Queens. From home cooked fry ups to lightly battered cod and chips, we certainly didn’t go hungry. Our last morning consisted of a tired and sad slum. Desperately not wanting to head home we stumbled across Southwold’s many delicatessens and bakeries and treated ourselves to pastries, pies and gigantic scotch eggs. This gave me a great incentive to kick start some baking when I got home; Cornish Pasties, Puff Tarts and Sausage Rolls. So Stay tuned for my baking experiments!


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