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When in Rome, drink as the Romans do

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Last weekend my partner in crime and I visited Rome to celebrate three long, windy years together. Not knowing anything about the nightlife, other that the top 10  places to eat that The Guardian had to offer, (which i recommend) we strolled the windy streets hoping to stumble across a little gem; and my god did we do that.

Completely nondescript from the outside  (except for a larger than life bouncer dressed to impress in a silk black tux sporting a suspicious goaty) we walked past without blinking an eye, then all of a sudden Goaty Man spoke ever so softly and asked if we’d like to come in. Me and my knee-jerk reaction thought ‘lets run for our lives, we’re either going to die or get thrown into a swingers party with a bunch of middle-aged Italians and desperate American Tourists’ yet my boyfriend accepted the invitation, and soon we were heading down a windy staircase, delicately lit with candle light.

To my complete and utter delight, we stepped into this quaint little bar, deep underground away from the hustle and bustle of Camp de’ Fiori, and were greeted by this fantastic, smiley Italian barman. With two ice cold glasses of Prosecco in our hands, we waited anxiously to find out how this whole ‘members bar’ works. Looking at each-other with awkward faces, we prepared ourselves to find out how much we were going to have to pay to become members, when a beautiful young lady asks for the modest amount of….Six Euros. Yep, Six Euro’s to become a member. We’ll ignore the fact she couldn’t quite understand my name – when in Rome I went by the name Phi Thewaylor – which to be fair, is probably a damn sight better than the English version I currently hold. However, despite my new Italian identity, we accepted our membership cards and began to relax into our new surroundings.

We sit down with wide drunken grins on our face as we glazed over the Cocktail menu. My partner choses his ultimate favourite; an Old Fashioned, while I go for something sweet; Chocolate Vermouth & Martini Cocktail with an Orange Twist. Now, whether you’re a chocolate fan or not, this cocktail will blow your woolly socks off.  It is by far the best drink I have ever had, and it simply made my evening. In fact, we loved this bar so much we went back all three nights. Even if live pianists, jazz music and soul singers aren’t your thing (which is ridiculous if you ask me) you will still fall in love with this beautiful underground bar. The staff are so tentative, and you will feel truly spoilt with every visit.

I will say this is a must for anyone planning to visit Rome in the future. Girlfriends on a weekend away, or couples celebrating something special, this members bar truly provides that extra special romance that Rome brings, and it won’t break the bank either. Tucked away behind the famous Campo de’ Fiori square, the newly opened Argot Roma is a definite.


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