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Beef Thai Spicy Salad

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Thai Salad

There seems to be a ‘trend’ going on around turning vegan. Even more so, eating all things raw. As much as I enjoy eating healthy, and can certainly see the health benefits of both vegan diets and raw food, the thought of restricting myself to one diet for the rest of my life, seems a little daunting. I’m a true foodie; there are days I crave Pringles, and there are days I crave fruit. I know what is good for me and I know what is bad – it’s all down to educating yourself on food and being honest.

I personally think any restriction is bad for a character such as myself, as the minute I begin to fail, is the minute I indulge in every bad thing I can get my hands on. 

So, if you want to give ‘raw’ a go but can’t quite give up the meat like me, then try my quick, spicy Thai beef salad. 

 For the salad you will need: cucumber // carrot // 2 spring onion // red pepper // yellow pepper // basil // coriander // sesame seeds // cashew nuts // and cold roast beef. 

 For the dressing you will need: 1 tbsp soy sauce // 1 tbsp fish sauce // 1 tbsp rice wine // 1 tbsp honey // 2 garlic cloves crushed // 2 chillies finely chopped // half lime juice // half lemon juice // salt and pepper. 

Simply chop all your veg up into as long/thin strips as possible. Grate the carrot and rip the herbs. Mix together.

Mix all the dressing ingredients in a bowl or food processor.

Combine and eat!! 

Where to buy?

Many of the ingredients here are those in which you either have in the cupboard pushed right to the back, or products you never buy! It’s definately worht researching your closest cash n carry, mine being Wing Yip, Purley Way. If you don’t have one close buy then most supermarkets will sell ‘Around the world’ produce, just makesure you hunt around the shelves as brands such as Sharwoods charge a fortune! Brands to look out for are Sun Tropic and Grace.


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