Street Food Munching

Berwick Street Market, London

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Friday’s are often spent in a haze, watching the clock slowly count its way to 5.30pm. Usually a result of a boozy Thursday evening drinking copious bottles of red wine, Friday’s are all about stodgy food, lots of tea, and staring at the new internet browser you just opened and having no recollection as to why you opened it in the first place.

I can happily say I am not alone in feeling this way pretty much every Friday, so there’s often a swarm of hungry, tired colleagues debating what dirty food they are going to have for lunch, and today was no exception. And what did we decide? Berwick Street Market.

London is littered with some of the country’s best street food stalls, and Freebird’s Mexican Shack is one of my favourites. I’m unsure why it’s so good, you can pretty much head to any Mexican in Soho and be greeted with a tasty Burrito that’s bursting at the seams. But there’s something about the meat and sauce at Freebird that gets them to the top of my list. With a choice of chicken, pork or beef, you can go as crazy as you want with some of the hottest green chillies, lashings of sour cream and a generous dollop of guacamole. Even their ‘naked’ boxes are full to the brim, leaving you so full you can barely walk.

So next time you find yourself with a sore head and an empty stomach, head to Berwick Street Market and grab yourself a Burrito.

Kuala Lumpa Street Food

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Back in May I spent two scorching days in the concrete jungle of Kuala Lumpur, before I continued my travels south of the equator to the land of Bali. Being my usual ignorant self, I did absolutely no research prior to my trip, having no idea if Kuala Lumpur was a country or a capital. Not one for geography (I just about know where France, Spain and Portugal lie) I watched the in-flight tracking information in sheer excitement as we got further and further away from home. The flight landed in the midday heat, and my boyfriend and I hurried to the hotel for a well needed nap. Waking up hours later like two deprived, starving children, we started our hunt for food.

We walked down the stereotypical holiday ‘strip’, littered with shisha bars and terrible euro-trash bursting your ear drums. Both of us desperate, and practically dribbling with hunger, stumbled across KL’s version of China Town. Red and orange hanging lanterns scattered the sky, and the smell of chillies and bbq’s told us we’d reached a right little gem.

Prawns the size of lobsters sat next to coconuts piled on top of each other; we had officially reached the door of heaven. We stopped off at two or three stalls and grabbed a small dish in each; hot ‘n’ spicy squid, lemongrass and ginger river fish, topped off with Bull Frog grilled on the bbq. Washed down with a giant sized Tiger beer, this night had officially become my favourite of all time.

If anyone is considering jetting off to Bali this year, I’d thoroughly recommend a two day stop over at KL; if you love street food, you’ll fall head over heels for this insane city.

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