Thai Munching

Spicy Cabbage Side Dish

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Some of the best way’s to cook up vegetables that perhaps are going off in the fridge or your kids are moaning they hate the taste of them, is to bring a Thai infusion to the table. Thai salads are quickly becoming my favourite lunch and dinner; they are fresh, crunchy, spicy and full of flavour.

Tonight however, I wanted a warm, cosy dinner and so played around using those unique Thai flavours with the vegetables I had ready in my fridge. Try this out, and let me know what you think!

Serves Four

Ingredients: half a red cabbage // three large handfuls of kale // 1 medium red onion // tsp coconut oil // 1 red chilli // 1/4 cup of cashew nuts // 1 tsp minced garlic and ginger mix //  1 tbsp. soya sauce // 1 tsp oyster sauce // 1 tsp honey // squeeze of half lemon // pinch of salt

Method: Prep your ingredients before doing anything technical. Thinly slice your red cabbage, red onion and leave to one side. Separately, finely chop your red chilli and then make sure all your other ingredients are ready to go.

Heat the oil in a medium shallow frying pan and add your onions and you minced garlic & ginger. on a gentle heat sweat the onions until they start to go a little translucent. Add your chilli and stir well. Bring the heat up a little and add your red cabbage. Fry, stirring regularly and coat all the flavours together. After 4 minutes add your cashew nuts, soya and oyster sauce and honey.

Combined thoroughly and pop a lid on for a further three minutes to soften the cabbage. Once softened a little (you still want a crunch) add the kale and lemon juice and stir for one final minute. Taste and season if needed.

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